It’s this week’s episode of Lohan Mayhem 2010.

Lindsay Lohan showed up last night at the Vida International Launch Party wearing a sheer polka dot blouse hinting at a pair of hard nips. I’ve been looking for them. Don’t lie. You’re looking too.

She stayed out until well past 4am. Naturally. This is what the lips looked like on the way home.

Speaking of lips...

There’s supposedly a sex tape floating around. You heard this story before? Yeah, I know, but we’re talking another one. UK gossips (never slamdunk) are reporting that the video is supposed to go viral soon – a 47 second clip that shows her lolling about naked with... “a waiter with a well-known chain restaurant”. What? Not even someone kinda famous? It’s low times, low low times.

Rumour has it the BBC is now worried that the sex tape will be distributed at the same time as her India documentary which would undermine its legitimacy. Well they were stupid enough to bring her. SO SO stupid.

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