Lilo, Joaquin & Phillippe

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2010 08:34:23 February 2, 2010 08:34:23

Let’s express our collective relief, again, that Joaquin Phoenix has emerged from his vain ass art project last year clean shaven and (sort of) hot again. He’s also reengaging with the Hollywood party circuit. Oh, how f-cking celebrity of you. Joaquin was spotted leaving Voyeur the other night after the Grammys.

Also at Voyeur – Ryan Phillippe looking extra douchey with that scarf business wrapped around his shiny suit. Rumour has it Ryan’s on the outs with Abbie Cornish. If true, GOOD. I firmly believe he has stalled her career.

Oh, speaking of stalled careers, there’s a crackhead in the middle of all of this. She too was at Voyeur looking smug as sh-t that night because there are reports that they were all partying together. Lindsay Lohan, Joaquin, and Phillippe. She’s tried to throw herself onto both before, she’s always been itching for a chance to do it again.

Check out that dealbreaking loser in the backseat of the car with her. This is the kind of LA filth she rolls around with.

Paris Fashion Week is not too far away. Shouldn’t you be “designing”?

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