When you give it up right away. Sure, the dude is a skeeze. But time and again, Lindsay Lohan has demonstrated that she has the worst man taste ever. So who’s the bigger asshole?

It’s one thing to own your sex – but sluts don’t own their own sex, know what I mean?

Another week, another Lilo lover tells all to News of the World. Same story, different dude – a much hotter one this time who looks like a Japanese cartoon. His name is Alessandro. Bet your boob job the Hello Kitties have already offered him a recording contract.

Anyway, Alessandro says that Lilo stripped naked and wanted him to f&ck her so he obliged. He also said he wanted to see her again but that she bailed on him and took up with some other dude. Apparently he’s hurt. And this is why he sold his tale. Right.

Lilo, meanwhile, is back in LA after falling off the wagon in Italy last week. Here she is arriving at LAX on Saturday with the dirtiest face ever then going for groceries yesterday after an AA meeting.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Wenn.com