Multiple sightings of Lindsay Lohan in New York, multiple mentions in Page Six that she’s been hitting the club scene, out late at night, but always with her old move – a bottle of water or a Red Bull in her hand so that people won’t assume that she’s been drinking.

Here’s how people can’t assume that you’ve been drinking:

How about just not going?

You go to rehab. You get sorted out. And the idea is that in breaking those habits you have to learn how to make better decisions. She’s been out for 2 months. Is the NYC party circuit a good decision? If I’m a judge, or a probation officer, or whoever is in charge of monitoring these situations, I’m not calling this a good decision.

Lilo’s excuse, because she always has one, is that she should be allowed to hang out with her friends, to have fun, to go out, because she’s young and that’s what young people who go to college do and just because she didn’t go to college doesn’t mean she can’t have the same experience. She says this A LOT. At the risk of sounding like my mother, good friends who want the best for you will hang out at places that won’t threaten your sobriety. And it can still be fun.

Attached – several shots of Lohan out and about in New York. You can see her lips before you see the rest of her.

Photos from Jackson Lee/