Lindsay Lohan went to rehab for 3 months. So she’s clean now. And what else? What’s changed?

Well, she was courtside at the Laker game last night. A few hours before tip-off TMZ announced that she’d be there which meant that every pap agency sent photogs to the arena. And she made a spectacle of herself, all eyes on ME, seated beside some new skeevy looking rich dude who wants to fund her jewellery line. And what does she have to give him in return? Surprisingly the answer to that question hasn’t been leaked, unlike everything else.

Like the fact that TMZ was able to report that Lilo had a friendly dinner with ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson over the weekend. Last week Ronson was said to be livid when Lilo happened to move in next door to her right after getting let out of rehab. Conveniently we now know that they’ve made up.

And we also know that Lilo’s been hitting up Tom Hardy.


Apparently he’s her sober mentor. And even though it’s called Alcoholics Anonymous, somehow it’s made headlines this morning that Lohan has been seeking Hardy’s advice on staying clean. Hardy has been straight for 7 years.

As you can see then, a lot has changed.

She’s in your face when the cameras are around, and she makes sure you know her business, and she’s namechecking other famous people to make herself look better. Which means she fixed one habit, and all the rest are the same. That certainly bodes well. There’s substance abuse, and then there’s extreme narcissism. She’s not an asshole because she’s an addict. She’s an asshole because it’s always, always going to be all about her.

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