A trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick for Lifetime was released yesterday. They wanted to send us away for the weekend with some joy. God there is a lot of joy in this preview. A lot of joy and a lot of bloat. Sarah from Cinesnark just messaged me about what a mess it is; she can’t decide if it’s bad-funny or just bad-bad. Oh but I think bad-funny. So much bad-funny! THIS is what Lindsay Lohan’s career has become. A girl who once worked with Meryl Streep and, well, now we’ve arrived here:

Aside from the sh-tty production value, all I saw was Lindsay smoking, drinking, and f-cking. So, you know, I’m not sure this was so much a movie about Elizabeth Taylor as it was a teaser for the long-awaited Lindsay Lohan reality show. Her life as a tv-movie-of-the-week actress begins now.

And attached - Lohan in New York yesterday carrying a child presumably belonging to that bearded dude behind her, Domingo Zapata. He’s 39. He’s a very, very wealthy artist. He loans her his Porsche when she’s in town. They hang out together with Vikram Chatwal. Chatwal owns the hotel she’s been staying at while in NYC. Remember these seedy photos? And don’t pretend you’re not thinking what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it too, because in these circles, with those people, when is friendship ever free?