Living drama-free is obviously not a possibility. Not even in rehab.

TMZ is all over it. On December 12, Lilo, as mentioned earlier, returned to the Betty Ford Clinic ten minutes after curfew. She hit up a bar, and when she came home, LATE, one of the staffers gave her sh-t for screwing up, and ordered a drug and alcohol test. They started yelling at each other, things got physical, Lindsay pushed back. Then they called the cops and the staffer wants to press charges for criminal battery.

Team Lohan is now blasting away to any outlet that will listen, insisting that Lilo’s drug and alcohol test came back negative and that she was not the instigator and that this staffer bitch has had it in for her for a long time. The eternal victim.


Let’s recap.

She’s in rehab because she f-cked up and broke the law. There are rules. She broke the rules by breaking curfew. It’s called a Consequence. It’s a life lesson. But instead of bending over and submitting to the appropriate action WHEN YOU BREAK THE RULES, Lindsay throws down some entitlement and the place goes to hell.

And now she expects sympathy?

F-ck. Off.

Conveniently though, as noted before, this went down on December 12. Curiously, just a day after that, there were reports released online that she was being harassed by a stalker. Stalking is some serious sh-t. I’m not trying to downplay how scary that can be. But at the same time...

Would you put it past her?

In university, it’s the craziest story, this girl we knew was trying to get back a guy who’d just broken up with her. So...she faked her own stalker. Like vandalised her room and taped up her own face and body and called the cops and concocted this story about how someone broke into her place so the ex-boyfriend had to be with her all the time. It was F-CKED. She was dating someone else just a few months later. You know, no big deal.

I’m just saying it’s not like Lindsay Lohan never lies.

Anyway, the police are deciding whether or not Lilo will be adding to her rap sheet. If that’s the case, she could be thrown back in jail for violating probation.

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