There was a ridiculously funny story that appeared in Page Six today about Lindsay Lohan and the sh-t she’s peddling right now. As you know, Lohan is supposed to play Victoria Gotti in the Gotti biopic. The only reason she’s getting that job is because her family and the Gottis are tight. That’s not exactly like knowing the Vanderbilts, you know what I mean?

Lohan also has her sights set on two other high profile projects:

"I want to be in Oliver Stone's 'Savages’ (and Disney's upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz: The Great and the Powerful. I think the only role I could play is Glinda (the Good Witch). I'll only do the movie if I can work with [James Franco]. We're like best friends. We're hanging out later."

You know in movies when some crazy person is out of her mind and her tongue is rolling back into her mouth and she needs a good slap like “snap out of it!”?


Curiously enough though, the roles in both Savages and Oz are reportedly being considered by Blake Lively. The dumbassness of that will be discussed at another time. The point here is that Lindsay seems to be hunting Blake on Variety, zoning in on what Blake’s been reading for, and assuming it for herself.

F-cking stalker.

By the way, producers on both films apparently don’t know what Lohan is talking about. Obviously. Because when you work with Blake, while you may get some mumbling, at the very least the girl comes to work with no drama. You hire Lindsay Lohan and that goddamn mother of hers will show up on set ready to hook up with the AD and the her dad will appear with a camera crew from Radar Online and that’s at least half a day’s worth of production held up. You know what means? Money. Wasted.

On Lindsay Lohan?

Terrible, terrible investment.

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