No money, many problems.

According to Gatecrasher, Lindsay Lohan is broke ass. Not surprising. After all, she hasn’t had a job in… forever. And she has to support her mother who can’t afford to pay her own back taxes, and there’s the shopping, and of course the legal fees, oh yeah…and coke ain’t cheap.

Apparently Lindsay has no cash of her own – she lives off Samantha Ronson. Sam is constantly hustling, booking gig after gig, and Lilo keeps spending – Rolex watches for $30K a pop, luxury cars, and clothes, clothes, clothes.

Sam is supposedly trying to get Lindsay to scale back on the frivolity, Lindsay insists Sam wouldn’t be making so much money if she wasn’t providing the main draw when she’s hired to DJ, and I’m told Lilo believes that she’ll be flush again soon when profits from her leggings line and her new spray tan start coming in.

Exacerbating the problem, obviously, is that much of Hollywood considers Lindsay Lohan unhireable, especially in this economic environment. No one wants to invest in a film that could be jeopardised by an anorexic twat who may or may not show up on time.

So they scrap. Incessantly. And throw things at each other. And Lindsay comes up with a million new excuses about why she’s a victim. And Amanda Seyfried is getting every script.

You know what Dina would say?



US artist Ben Tegel has put his spin on the classic 1930 painting, 'American Gothic' by Grant Wood. The iconic image showed a pitchfork-holding farmer and young woman in front of their Carpenter Gothic-style home. But in this updated version, Lohan, 22, appears as the "wife" while DJ Ronson, 31, takes the place of the farmer - with a pair of headphones hanging around her neck. Mr Tegel said: "Lindsay and Sam are the all-American couple for the 21st century."

Also attached: Lindsay arriving at her court-mandated alcohol rehab in Glendale earlier today.

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