A very, very, VERY thin Lindsay Lohan was spotted with her 40 year old sister Ali yesterday. Quite an achievement - to win a skinny-off against a 14 year old. Her legs in those jeans!

Word is Lilo is in total denial about her relationship with Samantha Ronson. Apparently Samantha did break up with her but she’s refusing to accept it. She’s also hanging out with Sean Penn again. According to Celebuzz https://www.celebuzz.com/lindsay-lohan-parties-sean-penn-s76361/ Sean hung out with Lilo and her girls at Nobu the other night. Like just him and her girls, that’s it.

If true… um… Sean Penn giant Fail?

He’s Sean Penn. He’s a badass. Is that the best Sean Penn can do? Lindsay Lohan and her sycophants?


Sean can’t save Lindsay. Perhaps the only person who can save Lindsay is Tina Fey. Of course there’s the Mean Girls history, but also, when Lilo hosted Saturday Night Live, when her weight plummeted, Tina famously staged a mini-intervention, remember that? Tina supported her back then. Wonder if she still does now…

Everyone and their eyebrow stylist has guested on 30 Rock. It’s time for Lindsay to start begging Tina.

After all, even Amanda Bynes was allowed in the door at Critics’ Choice last night.

Amanda. Bynes.

That’s all.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and Wenn.com