Lindsay Lohan is on probation. One of the court ordered conditions of her probation is that she attend alcohol education classes every 7 days. The alcohol education classes do not take place at the Chateau Marmont. Needless to say, she hasn’t been in compliance. And TMZ reports that the judge will be inclined to throw her behind bars for a while to punish her for violation of probation.

Curiously enough, Lilo and Ali with her heavyset eyebrows were spotted at LAX last night taking off for New York. Fugitive?

Dina Lohan says no. According to the Mother of the Century, the girls are apparently heading home to help Dina clean out her closet. For television. E! will be shooting it. Which means they probably insisted that Lindsay be a part of it. Because who gives a sh-t about the cougar matriarch and the 40 year old younger sister? The Lohans will be getting paid. And just in time too. Lilo needs the cash money. She’s also still cash money supplying her ma. Or... it could be a planned intervention. Of course on camera. What a dumb question.

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