Thinner than ever in New York (look at the legs) with Samantha yesterday, here’s Lindsay Lohan in grey tights and a wicked leather jacket and bag hopping on the subway with the paps…because she’s just so real?

Admittedly though, she does look great. Makes me angry to say that – that she can be unhealthy but not necessary unattractive. Is it better to be honest than to be preachy? 

I digress.

Not a week goes by that these two aren’t fighting with someone …anyone…from family to ex friends to Sarah Palin….and now Joe Francis.

He apparently hates SamRo and insists that Lilo is no lesbian. 

Needless to say, both Sam and Lindsay have fired back, calling him rude, unmannered, and oh I just stopped caring.

Get a f-cking job!

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