I love Lilo and SamRo!

But it’s been over 2 days since Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have been photographed together. She was also seen moving her sh*t out of Sam’s and back into her own place in a pair of short shorts and gorgeous gladiator heels. And again poolside at the Roosevelt showing off an amazing body with no Sam in sight.

Are they through already? Well… Sam was working in Montreal last night. eTalk will have coverage of her party on the show tonight. And aside from when she’s in the booth, am told she’s constantly on the phone. Wonder if Lilo is clingy like that.

In happier news, Lindsay is getting back to work. All she wants to do is “act”, remember? The movie is called Labour Pains – something about a girl pretending to be pregnant. It is not a Nicole Kidman biopic.

It is however a test of Lilo’s ability to stay focused for long enough to make it through a project. And if she is successful, perhaps others will be more inclined to give her a job. Because until just recently, Lindsay Lohan was “unhireable”.

From It Girl to Pariah … can Lilo come back?

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