Oil Money

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Lindsay Lohan has been in London for a week. And everyone knew she couldn’t pay for it herself. This is a girl who was once offered $7 million for a proper Hollywood movie. Now when she goes overseas, we’re all asking ourselves who she had to f-ck to front her plane ticket.

Oil money.

It cost Prince Azim of Brunei $100,000 apparently to have Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina brought in for his big New Year’s Eve party. Which is how she can afford to stay at the Dorchester and eat out at upscale restaurants every night. (Source)

Your first reaction might be to shake your head at the Prince’s stupidity -- why would he waste his money? That’s a lot of money...for us. For him, it’s loose change. And besides, this is what obscenely rich people do -- they throw money at sideshow carnival attractions or exotic animals to show off for their other obscenely rich friends.

And that, in essence, is what Lindsay Lohan has become: a sideshow carnival attraction, a parrot that can stand on its head, a llama with a pink toe, a freak oddity to be stared at and passed around...

And that’s only the best case scenario.

Because rich people also spend money on, ahem, companionship. At these kinds of parties, they fly in the girls from all over the world for every kind of appetite.

Do you want a wholesome Nebraskan blonde?

Would you prefer a child-like Asian?

Or how about a washed-up Hollywood starlet -- you can have her mother too if that’s what gets you off.

I mean...that’s pretty much the situation here. That’s how Lindsay Lohan makes her living now. Tara Reid, 37, has been doing it for several years. She probably has about 5 left in her. Lindsay, at 26, could put in a solid decade on this circuit. That’ll take her to 40. Well done, old girl, well done.

Attached -- Lohan out with friends the last two nights in London.

Wenn, FameFlynet

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