Lindsay Lohan made an in store appearance at the Grove Nordstrom last night to promote her leggings line 6126. According to, Lilo was even more of a disaster than usual. 

Perhaps it was the low turnout that set her on a slide. Apparently there were only 60 people present (half were staff) and if fans wanted to meet her, they had to spend a minimum of $150 for the privilege of a styling opportunity with Miss Crank herself. 

Unfortunately, mid way through the event, Lilo decided she couldn’t handle it anymore – “she was feeling very fragile” …which means she needed a bump. So they took her round back and by this point it was now two hours on that the remaining few fans (out of like only two dozen) had been waiting for a moment with her, and they were told they’d have to mind themselves and stay chill because Lindsay was feeling “nervous and scared”. 

From what??? 

All of a sudden she had to leave. Security surrounded her, protecting her from the super dangerous Nordstrom employees and the five remaining fans hoping to meet her, and ushered her from behind velvet curtains into a waiting car. 

Um. Who’s a paranoid freak? 

A few shots of Lilo at the Grove last night and shopping in Beverly Hills earlier in the day.

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