Was there any doubt? One way or another, even though she’s broke ass, she’d find her way here. After all, she’s ostensibly in Cannes to promote an upcoming role as porn star Linda Lovelace. What wouldn’t she do? Nothing is off limits now.

So this is Lindsay Lohan, partying on a yacht almost immediately upon arrival, cigarette after cigarette, skeezing it hard among the eurodouches and possible johns. Lessons from Dina. F-ck the court, never mind that she has to present herself on Thursday in front of the judge for a DUI progress report, French Riviera vodka shots are much more important.

Because “I’m 23 and I work hard and I’m allowed to go out with my friends”. She’s been saying this for 4 years.

Before leaving for Cannes though, Lilo was in New York getting cranked at 1Oak where she ran into hockey players Aaron Voros and Sean Avery. As I reported last December – click here for a refresher - Lilo and Voros were hooking up. Needless to say, he wasn’t interested in much more than a few nights over the holidays. Especially not with Jessica Stam around. Voros and Stam are now officially an item. And Stam was there the other night, sending Lilo – predictably – into a jealous rage. Apparently she wanted to sit close to them but didn’t want them around her. So she told the club staff that she wanted her “ex-boyfriend” removed. They weren’t playing her game. And Voros won’t own up to f-cking her (would you???) so suddenly, out of nowhere, a drink hits Stam in the face. Crazy bitch.

So we have this to look forward to for the next 48 hours. Wonder if she’ll try to crash the Chopard party tonight. Can’t wait.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com