Lindsay Lohan spent all night worrying about that passport, hurrying to get back to America for her court appearance. She looks it, non? Here's Lilo in Cannes last night at a yacht party, feeling the pain of losing her travel documents.

Does the judge read blogs? Does she look at the photos?

You f-cking dumbass.

Even if there was actually an idiot out there who believed her story, this kind of behaviour only undermines her lies. Isn't it more fun to mess around with enablers than to face the law in LA?

Dina of course claims that the entire mess isn't intentional. Please. The entire world forecasted that this would happen as soon as it was announced that she was coming her to "promote" Linda Lovelace. If I'm an insurance company, I'd stamp their request declined for the film. How often would this bitch show up for work? Unless they shoot the whole movie from Cannes.

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