Lilo pisses on Johnny & Kate

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They were one of the most iconic couples of the last 20 years and together, improbably, after his previous iconic coupling with Winona Ryder. Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. Painfully beautiful, painfully dramatic, too intense, too young, too photogenic, and eventually too much…

But the photographs. I spent hours staring at the photographs.

And here comes Lindsay Lohan smearing her crank poseur ass all over the legacy. In the new issue of Muse Magazine, Lilo “jumped at the chance” to pose for a photo shoot inspired by Johnny & Kate’s relationship. Of course she jumped at the chance. What else does she have to do? Somehow the shoot turned into a threesome – click here for the photographer’s weak ass arty explanation. She also took the opportunity to show off her skinny ass. It’s actually a great representation of how much her body has changed. See more Lindsay Muse Magazine shots here.

So aside from pissing on Johnny and Kate, what else has Lilo been up to?

On Friday night it was a sleepover at Jason Segel’s. They’ve been linked before but this time she stayed at his place until well after 4 in the afternoon, caught by the paps on her way out while he randomly started posing with his Dracula puppet from Sarah Marshall.

What did Lindsay do when she got home?

Crack tweets, of course.

Because she cannot resist hopping online immediately to read up on herself. You take away the addiction, there’s still a famewhore at the core. Her response to the suggestion that she’s f-cking Jason?

Per her Twitter:

haha*now..a meeting at a coworkers home has turned into a new love interest! It's absurd! @ least I'm laughing @the rediculous manifestations

Rediculous is a typo. Typos are excusable. But an unemployed uninformed junkie fronting like she knows the proper context of a word like “manifestations” is REDICULOUS indeed. Like she actually reads. Please. It’s yet another symptom of the amazingness of child stardom: inarticulate adults mashing random words together senselessly, although it’s not a problem exclusive to child stars. P Diddy Daddy Sean Combs also keeps raping the English language. Only a moron would call his cologne Unforgivable. Have you seen the ad for that sh-t? First of all, it’s cheap. Second, it makes no sense. And third, he’s a loser. Lindsay Lohan should totally be his next spokesperson.

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