Lindsay was in a Denali chasing another SUV when she was arrested. reports the SUV belonged to her personal assistant’s mother and is saying that the PA quit and the drama quickly unfolded. There are however several variations on the story floating around Hollywood.

Some say Lilo and her PA were out together, Lilo became belligerent, accusing her PA of hitting on a guy she was interested in, and her PA decided she’d had enough, called her mother, Lilo follows her secretly, car chase ensues.

Another variation: PA was starting to party just as hard as Lindsay. Her mother did not approve, wanted her PA to cut that sh-t off, Lindsay exploded, Lilo follows her, car chase ensues.

And more: a paranoid Lindsay thinks her PA and her PA’s mother are stealing from her and selling her out to the tabloids, Lindsay flips out, car chase ensues.

More developing, will keep you posted.

This is Lindsay out and about just yesterday, hours before losing her sh-t.