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She was back in court today. TMZ had the play by play. Judge Sautner revoked her probation. Lindsay Lohan is due back in court on November 2 - my wedding anniversary! - to see if she has to go to jail.

Among the issues reviewed to determine if she violated probation: attendance at counselling, completing a Shoplifter’s Alternative course, and of course, her community service. The judge was not impressed that Lohan skipped several appointments with the psychologist, dismissing claims that she had permission to do so. The judge was equally not impressed with the fact that Lohan had 6 months to complete the 12 hour Shoplifter course and only finished last night. Well that’s convenient.

And she was most unimpressed with Lohan’s failure to follow instructions re: community service. As you know, Lohan was supposed to help out at the Downtown Women’s Centre and apparently bailed 9 times, showing up only once and for only an hour when it was a 4 hour requirement. She was permitted by the Probation Dept to switch to the Red Cross which displeased the judge even further as she had previously ordered that the morgue would be the other venue at which Lohan was to serve her time.

You know what’s most insulting though? It’s the excuse Lohan gave for not wanting to work at the Downtown Women’s Centre:

"The service was not fulfilling."

So here’s a non-profit organisation dedicating to helping homeless, abused, and addicted women and children caught in a cycle of poverty and she calls spending time doing community service there UNFULFILLING???

I don’t care if you grind coffee, arrange paperclips, photocopy documents, wash dishes, or spend 5 hours tying shoelaces - if you can’t find the value in how those tasks might alleviate the workload for and provide support to the staff in that kind of environment so that they can SAVE LIVES, that, motherf-cker, is on YOU, it’s not on THEM. If you start placing hierarchies on contributions in an environment that promotes selflessness, and then complain that you’re ranked too low on the chain, THAT, motherf-cker is on YOU. This is volunteer work. It’s not glamourous, it may not be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it’s not critical.

At Covenant House Vancouver, our volunteers sort socks, they clean the garage, they label things, they organise the donations pantry, they do what needs to be done. And they are important and essential because they allow our youth workers to be great at their jobs.

This is a truth that’s apparently too difficult for Lindsay Lohan to grasp.

You still want to feel sorry this piece of sh-t?  You still want to classify her as sad smut? Fine. That’s your buffet. But when someone takes on the attitude that they should be able to pick and choose their job at community service so that they can feel more “fulfilled” and then turns around and blames everyone else for not being “fulfilled”, you can’t blame that on addiction/depression/whatever. The ONLY explanation for that kind of behaviour is that we are talking about a F-CKING ASSHOLE. In calling the work “unfulfilling” Lindsay Lohan has attempted to degrade Downtown Women’s Centre, essentially labelling it as an organisation that failed to inspire her. Does the Downtown Women’s Centre deserve that?

How can there be ANY decency in a person like that?

Attached - video of Lindsay Lohan getting cuffed at the end of the hearing. Click here for more from TMZ including how frustrated the judge was that she won’t be able to lock Lohan up for an extended period of time. And, most importantly, click here to read how the Downtown Women’s Centre has helped women like Remisha turn their lives around.

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