First things first – kudos to Lindsay Lohan for maintaining sobriety out of rehab. Hopefully it will continue over the holidays?

But what of the company she’s keeping? The good news is Lilo is working. The bad news is she’s singing again. And what’s worse, she’s recording with that loser JR Rotem who produced a few of Britney’s tracks and who claimed he fathered her non-existent child. I thought dudes only looked like this in the 90s – is he for real???

And is she for real? How easy is it to sign a record deal?

Here’s Lilo out and about this week looking increasingly skinnier. Love the cute white jacket. And the American Apparel leggings. These come in purple too. And they’re super comfortable. And slimming too. The black ones especially – up close it’s like wet and slick. Hot.

Photos from Wenn