Busted face & titties for court

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 23, 2011 13:14:48 February 23, 2011 13:14:48

Lindsay Lohan showed up for court today. All the details are over at TMZ.com. In short, she wouldn't accept a plea bargain because any plea bargain, as insisted upon by this awesome hard ass judge, would have involved time in prison. So they’re going to trial. Before we get into the ramifications of that though, let’s look at the wardrobe selection for today. Last time, if you recall, it was tight and white. This time, as you can see, it was low cut but more conservative. Slightly. If you can call the cleave peak conservative. Also, her face looks rather pulled around the eyes and forehead. Was it just a tight ponytail? Not even 25 and already that sh-t has busted up a perfectly lovely face. You know, Lindsay Lohan used to be gorgeous.

As for this trial business…

If she’s found guilty she gets locked up. Fine. The problem with this trial business though is that what happens if she’s found “innocent”. Can you imagine that goddamn Dina on the steps of the courthouse declaring victory like it’s the most significant legal triumph of the last decade? This is frightening to me. So those prosecutors, they better get their f-cking sh-t together and make it tight. Because otherwise, we ALL lose.

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