It’s never her fault. Especially when she f-cks up on Twitter.

Yesterday I posted this article about Lindsay Lohan trash-tweeting Justin Timberlake’s William Rast at Colette Paris and Macy’s, calling it low classy and not chic.

Not long after the article went up on my blog, Lilo, emerging from her crack haze, must have realised she was picking a fight with the wrong Pip. She quickly took to her Twitter, of course, and recanted and kissed some MAJOR ass:

“i am sorry for the unnecessary comment-wasn't meant to be a jab, i have some william rast & it's great-was a friends words and my 6126 leggings are in Macy's West and they've been great to work with”

A “friend’s words”? Please. It’s always a “friend”. Or a “hacker”. What she means of course is that she was coked up or strung out on some sh-t and unable to control her Twitter impulse. Dumbass.

Here she is yesterday, again getting her hair done and of course going shopping. What else is there to do?

Justin is a petty bitch. That’s twice now she’s been in his business. One phone call and who knows? She gets tossed from that movie she’s supposed to start shooting in October and replaced by…. Jessica Biel?

Wait for it.

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