Hollywood’s hottest couple survives. After a quick trip to Montreal for a gig, Samantha Ronson was back in Lindsay Lohan’s arms yesterday, visiting her on set of Labour Pains. Look at that body language. Sexy non? The two quickly became inseparable again and last night hooked up with none other than Lily Allen for dinner at Il Sole, to the dismay of Courteney Cox who was also trying to have a quiet dinner there.

Sam’s brother Mark Ronson recently alluded to the romance, reportedly telling a UK paper that Lilo and his sister make “a cute couple”.

And in more good news for Lindsay, her line of leggings has been picked up by Fred Segal and will sell for between $40 - $140.

The name?

6126 – Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. Which would be cool, I guess, if only Sienna and Savannah Miller didn’t call theirs Twenty8Twelve first.

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