She has resurfaced in the States after spending a few days in London but during her time in the UK, Lindsay Lohan granted an interview to The Sun, not exactly People Magazine friendly, borderline trashy, a popular British rag, but also known for questionable reporting, especially as it relates to celebrities. And for some reason, Lilo decided to talk to them.

Yesterday it was widely circulated her comments about drug and alcohol use. She offered more insight than ever before about her problems with addiction, her 3 stints in rehab, and confirmed that she still drinks. Responsibly.


Today’s revelations include her relationship with Samantha Ronson, that she was surprised by their affair, and is otherwise attracted to men, blaming the Ronson family’s interference on their split. Click here for more.

The details are unimportant. I don’t give a sh-t about her crank lies and excuses. What’s interesting is the WHY. Why the candour? Why now? Why The Sun?

Two possibilities:

She’s f-cking broke, so maybe it’s about the cash money.


They have something on her. And it could be devastating. And as such, in order to kill the report, she exchanged an exclusive interview, giving up some juicy bits in service of protecting the really, really juicy bits.

If Tiger Woods can do it with the National Enquirer and Men’s Fitness (source), Lindsay Lohan can do it for The Sun. My smutty senses are tingling. What do they know?

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