Oh there will be hell to pay. Us Weekly reports that Lindsay Lohan hit up a club last week with Cash Warren and according to witnesses, within half an hour, the two were mashing mouths: "It was raw. They were not shy."

Lilo has denied the claims, insisting that she would never move on another woman’s man:

"This is so absurd. He is married. I wouldn't dare kiss him."

She instead insists that they’re friends and that they’re working on a “potential TV show”.

Right. She’s always working on something with someone. In reality she’s working on nothing with no one. Work? What work? There is no work. There is only crack tweeting. And lies and desperation. Although to her credit, since her father started releasing those tapes, she has maintained a much lower profile, trying to ride out the latest scandal undercover.

But you can’t lock a famewhore away forever. Two weeks and she’s itching to get back out there. And macking on married men.

This is Lindsay last night after inviting the paps along for an AA meeting and then shopping at Maxfield. You’ll note, without makeup and that tanner sh-t smeared all over her, she actually doesn’t look so bad. Still dried out as f-ck but younger and sweeter… until the Alba Bitch knocks her out.

Jessica Alba was running errands yesterday and taking meetings, still fighting Jessica Biel for the same roles, and heading home to lay down the law with Cash. He’s a father, he’s a husband, and his wife is trying to reinvent herself as a parent humanitarian. Even if nothing went down, Lilo by association is the worst. That sh-t needs to be cut off. Also, Cash is the worst name ever. For all you judgy bitches who love to rag on Bronx and Zuma and the rest, Cash, which barely raises a MiniVan eyebrow, is the most hillbilly, dumbass, hicktown name and it offends me more than 10 Sparrows combined.

Photos from Wenn.com