A couple of weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake were at the same club in New York and Pip was drunk and supposedly all over some girl and Lilo tweeted about him and called him a cheater. Or something.

Then she denied it saying she’d been hacked.

Hacked for her is code for cranked up and tweaking.

And now she’s at it again (thanks Melissa!). She tweeted this week at Colette. One of the best places to shop in Paris. Lilo’s tweet was in response to this Colette post – click here for the Colette Twitter: “Justin Timberlake's William Rast collection now at colette! Mix it with Balmain”

About an hour later, Lilo tweeted this in response – her Twitter is here:

“i can't believe you are lowering yourselves to a MACY'S brand- i am speechless. Paris is chic not mid America. gross”

Amazing, right?

She just called JT’s clothing line a “MACY’s” brand. And described it as gross. And low classy. And middle America is not chic.

I f-cking love it. Celebrities talking smack on Twitter, I f-cking love it.

Please Pippy. Please don’t take the high road. Please trash her back. Please, please, please!

Here’s a skanky Lindsay leaving a hair salon yesterday. Ease up on the bronzer, bitch.

As for that 5 change birthday party in Vegas last weekend word is she was paid $70,000 for it. Page Six reports that she’s so broke ass she jumped at the chance for a paid party with total strangers (none of her friends were present) at MGM so that she could take care of some bills.

Lilo’s now back in LA and will be raging every night until Sunday. Or longer. It’s not like she has a job, right?

Oh but wait… according to Lindsay, she works harder than anybody she knows. Does she work harder than anyone YOU know?

Photos from Wenn.com