Apparently she tested alcohol-free after her scram went off. This is what her lawyer says, and TMZ reports that the Probation Department has cleared her, which means the judge will likely not be pissed in July when she’s supposed to show in court for a hearing that could have resulted in a jail sentence.


Lindsay Lohan wasn’t lying?


Her scram went off at the MTV Movie Awards. She didn’t go in for a urine sample until 10am the next morning. I mean that’s like 3 times January Jones, you know? But Lilo she gets away with it again, and now she’s blaring out her claim of innocence as expected. Always a victim, just like her mother Dina who tried to shake down an ice cream house the other day and received a hand in the face instead.

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and here for Michael K’s brilliant take on Dina’s drama with Carvel during which she claims she was wrongly disparaged and after which they publicly called her out for being a cougar.skint.ass.scag.

That bitch rang the cops over ICE CREAM. Like, a $5 waffle cone. She went 911 over pocket change. Even by my mother’s standards, and she will try the Chinese “no tax” system at every department store in any country, that’s a boundary of cheap shamelessness that is rarely crossed.

Here’s what this is about: it’s about Dina wanting to swell her balls by ordering ice cream, getting it for free, and thereby alerting everyone in line behind her in the shoppe to the fact that she’s privileged. It’s the boast factor. It’s the getting off on the smallest, smallest opportunities to show off factor. THAT is what makes her vile. And remember, she raised those two girls.

This is Lilo classing it up with a thigh ornament last night at Voyeur.

By the way: Radar says she was definitely drinking that night and had a blood alcohol level of 0.4 at the time when her scram was triggered.

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