Remember yesterday, at the cranking hour, when Lindsay Lohan crank tweeted about Samantha Ronson spitting on her and leaving with Miley Cyrus’s ex boyfriend?

Jokes, baby. It was all jokes.

Of course she pulled that sh-t down as soon as the pills wore off. Of course she claimed, via Twitter, that she was just messing around. Of course she accused everyone of victimising her. Of course she denied that she’s a f-cked up twat. Of course.

And then came the fontrum.

So much fontrum.

For some reason, Lilo still has fans. Fans who believe everything she cranks. And they’ve been leaving replies to her on her Twitter. For the benefit of those who don’t use Twitter, a “retweet” is when you copy and broadcast back onto your own account a message that someone else has tweeted.

You know what she’s been doing?

She’s been retweeting or “RT” the flattering messages of support she’s been receiving from her followers.

Like this:

RT @geneforeman: @lindsaylohan Hey Lindsay! Love your profile pic, people give you so much crap but I've always liked you! Following you ...

Gross, right?

Grosser: the situation with her dad today. She’s twitter bombed about that too. Michael Lohan showed up with police to check up on 30 year old Ali Lohan’s safety. First thing Lindsay does is tell everyone on Twitter. She says she couldn’t reach her lawyer. Her lawyer works off Twitter?

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You think she can’t possibly get more pathetic. And somehow she finds a way. Rehab can’t cure narcissism, no matter how hard Tiger Woods tries to convince you of it.

Oh and TMZ says she missed another deposition yesterday. Something about not being able to get a ride until two hours after the proceedings were scheduled. Lilo never seems to have problems getting a ride when she needs to go shopping or show up at a party.

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