Lilo vs the Club Ho

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 22, 2010 14:28:42 March 22, 2010 14:28:42

This is what her wreck of a life has become.

So Lindsay Lohan has been seeing some model called Adam Senn. According to X17 she hit up Voyeur the other night and saw him there talking to another girl. Lilo is nothing if not jealous and possessive. Especially when she’s cranked. So she flipped out on him and he bailed on his other piece and Lilo spent the rest of the night grinding up on his ass before they left together.

After that the paps caught up with some blonde Club Ho, presumably the one who Adam was dealing with before Lilo showed up. And this bitch Let. It. Go for the cameras, calling Adam a skeeze, and calling Lindsay out on her busted weave. And she’s gorgeous. She’s a twat skank but she’s gorgeous. Which would not have gone unnoticed.

This is how Lindsay Lohan spends her weekends. Scrapping over boys with a Club Ho while her mother pimps out eco friendly toothbrushes on the other side of the country. Justice.

Here’s Lilo, at some point this weekend, passed out in the back of the car. Amazing.

Photos from hazypix/

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