US Weekly has a story about Lindsay Lohan from Tuesday night - she was at a club and Francesca Eastwood was there celebrating her birthday and some girl sh-t went down. Francesca Eastwood is Clint Eastwood’s daughter and she’s in that reality show his wife is doing on E! that I’m not sure anyone watches but that automatically means she’s a lower tier celebrity now.

According to US, a source claims that Francesca was with friends, oblivious to Lohan’s presence, but Lohan charged over and ordered her to leave:

'I'm a star, she's a nobody, get her out of here!'"

Obviously, the source is Francesca Eastwood, or someone connected to Eastwood. Eastwood is dating photographer Tyler Shields who has worked with Lohan in the past. As we know, Lohan doesn’t share and she doesn’t play nicely with other girls. Of course she tried to get Eastwood thrown out. And of course Eastwood decided to tell the magazine about it. And the best part about that is that Eastwood, C List at best, is playing Lindsay Lohan’s ass. Lindsay Lohan can’t even throw down with the C List anymore.