Defending Dina

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 14, 2008 07:49:41 August 14, 2008 07:49:41

Us Weekly put up 2 shots of Ali Lohan on its site yesterday suggesting some implant action. Surrounded by paps in the afternoon, Lindsay Lohan was asked whether or not her old hag of a younger sister had her tits done.

Naturally, she took to her MySpace page to defend her sister and to stand up for the way her old hag of a mother raised them – to position yourself as the victim, all the f*cking time:

All i am trying to say is, is that, i was raised with a wonderful family surrounding me, of course we have our ups and downs, but all in all my mother taught us to appreciate what we have been given. Nor would she ever encourage, or allow a 14 year old child to alter her body.

i am not judging people that do, but i am just saying that its not something that my family finds necessary to do, especially when you're not even fully developed yet!

It is hard enough being 14 years old and you have enough insecurities to begin with, then add being in the public eye...

i just find it really disconcerting that people have to focus on the negative and that some people are sooooo bored with their own lives that they need to manifest lies to hurt another person.

Oh boo f&cking hoo.

Really? Dina would never allow a 14 year old to alter her body? Why not? She allowed her 16 year old to move into the Chateau Marmont and live by herself. She sat back and watched her become a hardcore user. And she invited cameras into rehab while her child was trying to stop her hardcore using.

And this is a woman who wouldn’t allow a 14 year old to alter her body?


My favourite part though is the bit about the challenges of being 14 with mounting insecurities from being in the public eye…

Ali Lohan is on a f&cking reality tv show!!!

Ummmm…hell yes Dina Lohan would encourage a breast augmentation. Because Dina Lohan is manager first and a mother last. And as a manager, it’s always, always about the money.


PS. Lilo says she misses SamRo. I miss SamRo too. No Lilo SamRo sightings this week. Withdrawal!

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