The official excuse from Lindsay Lohan in court on Friday, for which she was 90 minutes late, was that she was too busy, and her schedule too full, to complete her alcohol education program.

Busy with what? It’s not like she acts anymore.

Still, the judge pretended to buy it and gave her yet another chance. So Lilo celebrated all weekend in LA by hitting the spa, and the hair salon, oh yeah, and also the clubs. Spotted out very late at Teddy’s (which is A BAR) where Samantha Ronson was supposedly DJ’ing. Great. Stalking again. And trying to make her jealous?

As you know typically resides inside the asses of celebrities, happy to whitewash for drug addicts, but they are reporting that Lilo was “all over” none other than Balthazar Getty the other night at a West Hollywood club. Apparently they snuck in the back, made out for half an hour, then quickly left, eager to take their hook up somewhere else.


Jude Law, Jamie Burke, Balthy G… must Lilo always follow Sienna Miller?

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