Still the asshole who namechecks the Oscars

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 1, 2012 16:21:16 March 1, 2012 16:21:16
Lindsay LohanΓÇÖs interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show aired this morning. She says sheΓÇÖs changed and learned and is ready to move on and whatever, the same sh-t sheΓÇÖs been saying for years. And then, of course, when asked what sheΓÇÖll be doing in 5 years, what sheΓÇÖll be like at 30, the FIRST THING OUT OF HER MOUTH, right off the top, is:

ΓÇ£Hopefully IΓÇÖll have just come from the Oscars this past weekend.ΓÇ¥

And that should tell you everything about Lindsay LohanΓÇÖs ΓÇ£comebackΓÇ¥.

ItΓÇÖs not about the work; itΓÇÖs never about the journey; it certainly wonΓÇÖt be about the learning. With Lindsay Lohan, itΓÇÖs always about the glory. Reward first, and how will it make me look?

THAT is why sheΓÇÖs still a loser. THAT is why sheΓÇÖll always be a loser.

How will she do on Saturday Night Live? I suspect sheΓÇÖll do well. I suspect sheΓÇÖll be willing to mock her own misfortunes. I suspect Angelina JolieΓÇÖs right leg will make an appearance. But is it enough to put her back in movies?

HereΓÇÖs the harsh truth: look at her face. In an industry thatΓÇÖs mostly about appearances, even if she were to get her sh-t together, even if she was totally reformed and completely transformed, there are only certain roles available for a 25 year old girl with a face that canΓÇÖt go back.

IΓÇÖm not trying to be mean. But if youΓÇÖre a casting director and you have Elizabeth Olsen, Felicity Jones, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart, and many many more to consider, WHY would you ever call back Lindsay Lohan?

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