Lindsay LOHAN went out last night in New York. She’s in New York supposedly to spend time with family. Clearly spending time with family in her mind involves stumbling around on the ground at 2:30 in the morning outside of a bar. But, but, but, but…

Her shoes were so high!

Sure, loser. That must be the reason. That’s always the reason she can’t stand up.

She also claims to have quit smoking. At least that’s what TMZ reported, citing information from a “source”, which basically means Dina Lohan called them up that day begging them to publish it. In several of these shots, there appears to be a cigarette in her hand.

She must just be “holding” it, right? Because her friend went to the bathroom?

Ciggies though are not the most alarming problem.

The problem is the friends. And where the friends are taking her.

Fresh out of rehab and she’s hitting the club. She was doing so in LA, she’s doing the same in Manhattan. I don’t give a sh-t if it’s water she claims to be drinking, I’m pretty sure it’s probably not a good idea to be around the devil so soon, especially with her history.

And given all her legal issues, probably not the smartest decision to be caught by photographers partying like it ain’t no thing. Sometimes, when you f-ck up, you have to go out of your way to convince people that you won’t f-ck up anymore. That means, even if it’s an innocent night out with friends that doesn’t involve drinking and drugs, you shut it down anyway, because it just doesn’t look good. How can any good come from these photos?

And I’ll ask, again, the question I always do: where is her mother?

You might say that at 24, her mother can’t mind her all the time. Sure. I buy that. To a point.

If I was destroying my life with drugs, if I’d been to prison and rehab and prison and rehab and back and forth and all over again and I finally got clean, my mother would be all over my ass at least at the beginning, for the first half a year at least, to make sure I stayed clean. Where are you going? Who are you going with? Why do you have to go? I’m coming with you.

And here’s how she would justify it – she would tell me that I only have one life, and that if she never went to the extreme and exhausted every option to try and save it, that she would never forgive herself if something happened. Clearly, after all this time, Dina Lohan’s “parent from a distance, let them make their own mistakes” approach has been a total failure. The fact that she’s yet to try a different one, go militant on Lindsay LOHAN’s ass is a testament not only to her shortcomings as a parent, but to her actual top priority: take care of Dina first.

So anyway…

What will Aniston be like in 6 or 7 years?

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Photos from James Devaney/Wireimage