It’s fashion week in New York. Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s part of it. She’s been at a few shows. She thinks everyone is paying attention to her. And they are. But only because her lips are really f-cked up and she’s such a goddamn loser.

Last night she hit up the V Magazine party. A photographer, Jasper Rischen, was invited to shoot the event. In other words, the photographer was approved by the official party people, likely asked to attend to SHOOT THE PARTY and those inside the party....where Lindsay was hanging out with her mother and some friends.

Rischen, as per his purpose at the function, tried to take a photo of Lohan. And she responded by throwing a full drink on him. This is not a “rumour”. It was observed by everyone. Including the folks at Women’s Wear Daily. So I can’t wait til she tries to deny it ever happened.

Predictably, because this is what happens when Lohan is around, chaos ensued. Rischen has continued to tweet about the incident and has tweeted a photo that he took right before she went postal on him. In the picture, you can see Dina sitting there calmly, like nothing unusual is happening, while Lohan’s friends are giving him the finger. I guess Lindsay Lohan is never photographed. I guess Lindsay Lohan never INVITES PAPS INTO HER HOTEL ROOM TO SELL PHOTOS OF HER GETTING READY FOR KIM KARDASHIAN’S WEDDING.

But she’s a hypocrite piece of sh-t, isn’t she?

Apparently by the end of the night some girl was taken to hospital and there was blood all over Lohan’s table. Overall an ordinary Lohan evening.

Attached - Lohan and Lohan posing for paparazzi, without throwing drinks, somewhere in NYC.

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