Every f-cking week this twat gets up into some drama. Every. F-cking. Week. We’re just one month into the new year and already, Lindsay Lohan may go back to jail. Way to go, loser.

So about this necklace situation…

TMZ reports that she will be charged with grand theft felony (It’s Monday morning 3am PT as I’m writing this, updates to follow if the situation changes) related to a $2,500 necklace that was allegedly stolen. A stylist eventually returned the item to the jewellery shoppe as her camp insisted it was on loan but the owners claim that Lilo is a thief, and as such, the LA County DA is expected to treat her as one.

Lohan’s lawyer says the accusations are without merit. That 1. the store agreed to let her borrow the necklace and 2. that Lilo owns and can afford jewellery much more expensive, she wouldn’t need to jeopardise her future by walking away without paying for it.

She’d be much more believable if her client was believable. This is where that proverbial goodwill bank comes in to play. Lilo hasn’t exactly demonstrated that she’s a trustworthy character. If, say, this story was about Reese Witherspoon, I’d be Team Witherspoon all the way. Lindsay Lohan is not Reese Witherspoon. Lindsay Lohan, for the last several years, has specialised in lying. So there’s that.

But I’m reminded of how it was for me as a child, pleading with my mother about when it would be that my slate could be wiped clean. Her rationale in life was always that once you do a bad thing, you have to do five good things to balance it out. That’s the problem with celebrities, specifically child stars raised without accountability. Forgiveness is too easy. Lilo thinks an apology makes things even. If anything, an apology just gives you permission to START making up the difference.

And, um, it’s not like this is the first time. She stole clothes from a model’s house once. And then there was that Elle Magazine photoshoot where she took off with some Louis Vuitton jewels. And then there was that Rolex incident last year. And then, and then, and then…

So did she really steal the necklace this time? Well, the owner of the jewellery company says she did. If you own a necklace, and you didn’t sell it to someone, and you didn’t lend it to her either, than how can a borrower claim it was borrowed? You’d think that that determination rests with the OWNER, non? I’m sure some lawyer will argue it differently but sometimes the legal explanation defies common sense.

There is of course the accusation from Lilo’s people that the jewellers are opportunists who are taking advantage of her for publicity but then again, if we’re playing the game of famewhores, it doesn’t get much more famewhore-y than Lindsay Lohan.

As for the issue of why she would need to help herself to a necklace that’s “only” worth $2500 – the issue here isn’t value, the issue here is entitlement:

I’m Lindsay Lohan. The rules don’t apply to me. I want that and you should give it to me.

Here she is with her jumbo lips at the Giuseppi Zanotti opening the other night. Between the bow around her waist and that weave curled into mall styles, I’m not really sure why they let her come in.

Photos from John Sciulli/Gettyimages.com