No doubt another deal brokered by her exploitative mother that she apparently can’t back out of.

Lindsay Lohan, fresh outta rehab, is supposedly contractually obligated to host a New Year’s Eve bender in Vegas at LAX. Vegas, end of the year – it’ll be total debauchery. And the currently clean and sober Lilo will be right in the thick of it.

Us Magazine is reporting that she doesn’t want to but has been told she has to, seeing as she’s already pocketed the payment – or, more likely, her mother has. Needless to say, the ramifications of such a decision could have life or death consequences for a recovering young addict and this is no exaggeration.

Relapse for hardcore users usually doesn’t come mildly and it’s no secret that the first dip back isn’t a mellow affair but often a complete regression to when the addiction was controlled. Meaning it won’t stop at one drink or one line but at one hundred, until she’s heaving and writhing on the floor.

But what does Dina care? Or, for that matter, the club owners?

As for reports that she’s broke – this would certainly lend credence to those rumours, in addition to what she’s been doing now that she’s back in LA. According to my sources, Lilo has allegedly been getting spending money from the paps and is, almost every day, exchanging photo opps and information for straight up cash to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollar which obviously is not unusual for any celebrity, only the frequency and the urgency and desperation behind her blatant photowhoring is leading many to believe her financial situation may be worse than anyone had originally speculated.

Here she is the other day with her boyfriend who seems to have acclimated quite nicely to life in the spotlight.