Deadline posted an article last night about the situation on the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime movie of the week starring Lindsay Lohan after receiving word that two industry unions, one representing actors and the other for crew, made queries about working conditions on production after Lohan's dramatic car accident and subsequent tweets about long hours on the set.

Though no violations were found, the fact that there was a casual investigation adds yet another dramatic angle to what's already been a f-cked up experience. First of all, Lohan's claims that she was exhausted the other day - leading to a medical visit - seem to be, as usual, full of sh-t. What's clear though is that she is struggling, struggling to do her job, be on time, be present, and contribute to a pleasant work environment. Crew members have had to wait hours for her to come out of her trailer resulting in screaming matches between her and the producers. To say nothing of her reputation.

Many people in the industry read Deadline. Now everyone in town knows that the unions had their eyes on the show. You never want to attract that kind of attention. What you want is to get on with the shoot, uninterrupted, stay on budget. So far, all everyone knows about this TV movie is that the lead actress crashed her car, couldn't get up one day, and that the unions started poking around. If I'm an executive, a casting director, anyone involved in making anything in Hollywood, yet again I'm thinking:

She's not worth it. Lindsay Lohan is not worth it. Lindsay Lohan is trouble. She is a loser.

Here's Lohan on set yesterday in costume. As I keep saying, this entire movie looks like a photo shoot. That's all she seems to be focused on anyway.