Have heard from many of you today re: Lilo’s crack tweets. They’re f-cking amazing. Always late at night, always when she can’t get hold of Samantha Ronson, and then she starts raging.

Here’s how it flowed:

the Venetian Hotel is a scary place.. Too many stories sold & too many lies kept..i'm very disappointed about tonight-security shouldn't lie

@samantharonson u okay? still waiting up-no word from you&you said you were leaving in less than 45minz @1am? sorry for using

@samantharonson twitter but you're phone is not on.. drive safe&hope tonight went well always always * bye now :) too tyty babella cu soon x

So she couldn’t reach Ronson… and when Ronson remained silent, the paranoia set in:

okay. im going to ask anyone awake to give advice, ask for advice, and so on.. like a radio hotline/"pump up the volume"... ready?

ur boyfriend/girlfriend is in vegas, dont invite you-are sweet, but then start getting defensive before they leave to go 'bartend' for no r.

Venetian? “Bartend”?

Putting this sh-t together, it’s like a great puzzle.

But then People.com, firmly embedded inside the egomaniacal ass of Justin Timberlake, came through with a clue.

People reports that Pip and Shelfy were in Vegas last night to promote his tequila 901. They made it sound like he was super generous for giving away shots of HIS OWN BRAND to the entire club. This went down at the Palazzo which is an extension of…

That’s right.

The Venetian.

And guess who was DJ’ing? Of course. Samantha Ronson.

JT can’t stand Lindsay Lohan.

She obviously wasn’t welcome.

Which explains her tweet about Venetian security. JT didn’t want her there. And of course the following tweets looking for Sam, jealous that she wasn’t welcome, anxious that Sam was having a good time with people who hate her, and finally getting angry about the fact that her girlfriend Sam was “bartending” and didn’t invite her.


File photos from Wenn.com