It’s crazy to me why more people aren’t angry about this. How can actually post the story straight, like she actually meant to be helping people at a homeless shelter.



It’s insulting and, well, it’s unconscionable, frankly, that she’s USING those less fortunate to enhance her own public image, especially when, right now, she’s the kind of f-ck up who has nothing to offer.

As you know, Lindsay Lohan was thrown in jail by a judge last week for failing two random drug tests. She was let out on bail a few hours later with a new scram around her ankle. Then this weekend, photos of Lilo posing with what appear to be heroin paraphernalia were released on online. Click here to see.

A few hours later, several stories appear on TMZ and People. That she realises she has a serious problem. That she is committed to going back to rehab. That she has finally come to terms with her addiction.

She only comes to terms with her addiction when she gets caught.

And she also happened to be coming to terms with it at a homeless outreach agency called The Dream Centre. OF COURSE the paps were there! OF COURSE she then tweeted:

“What a great place The Dream Center is here in LA... had a nice time there today, it's so important to give back. I feel blessed.”

There are two major insults happening here. One, as noted, that she’s taking advantage of a non-profit organisation for her own gain and 2. That she still thinks she’s some kind of inspiration.

Giving? Or taking? Because what does Lindsay Lohan, at the moment, what does she have to give? Where’s the f-cking shame in showing up to a place where abandoned children are struggling for structure, where single mothers are fighting to keep their families, fronting like she of all people, who has demonstrated no capacity for change at all, actually has something valuable to share?

If I were her, I’d be too embarrassed. If I were her, I’d say to myself – let me right my business, let me prove I can be an inspiration first, then let me come here and tell my story, help someone else with my experience.

But you realise that’s how telling this is, right?

That she can walk into that place, after being dragged to court on Friday, and still think – though she’s done nothing to prove it – her mere presence constitutes some kind of honoured visit? That’s right. These poor folks should be thanking her for showing up. Because she’s been told she’s Special her whole life.

Great. Like it’s not enough the sh-t they have to deal with, along comes Lindsay Lohan exploiting their misfortune under the sad mis(guise) of missionary work.

Vile. Save your sympathy for someone else.

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