Lindsay Lohan is doing a play in England. And in order to convince people that she’s not a f-ck up anymore, she agreed to an interview with the BBC. Or, rather, the BBC agreed to an interview with her.

It’s the same sh-t she’s been saying for years. That she was living out her “college experience”. That when she made her mistakes she was in the public eye. That she NEVER WANTED TO BE A CELEBRITY.

Oh yeah.

She actually claims she never wanted to be a celebrity, she only wanted to work, to act, to be an artist. And she doesn’t understand why people are so obsessed with her. Because she has never asked for that kind of attention.

Which is why we find her in London, out with friends at a pub, sitting ON THE PATIO facing outwards instead of taking a table inside.

She also guarantees that she’ll be there for every single show. No bouts of exhaustion, no flu, no mystery illness, nothing. Lindsay Lohan promises to show up. OK.

Click here to watch the video. I can’t stop looking at her top lip, how it doesn’t move.