I'm sure you've heard about this dumbassery. That Dina Lohan, mother of all parent pimps, is now saying that going forward, it'll no longer be Lindsay Lohan, it'll just be Lindsay. As in Madonna. As in Prince. As in bitch who the f-ck are you?



Oh you mean that cranked up twat who hasn't worked in 3 years?


Thanks for the reminder about why you needn't feel sorry for Lindsay LOHAN. Because rehab, as I've told you, doesn't fix narcissism. Or that sense of entitlement. That delusion of "specialness" that no court, no crime, no cold rejection can ever kill. This is not tenacity. This, make no mistake, is straight up arrogance, predicated on a seemingly unshakeable personal truth: Lindsay LOHAN believes she's above the law, above modesty, above humility, and above all, above YOU. Oh and now apparently surnames.

Which is why from now on you’re shoving LOHAN down her goddamn throat, right?

Click here for more information on LOHAN trying to get rid of the LOHAN.

Didn’t Ali Lohan record a holiday song called Lohan Holiday? So we’re not supposed to sing it anymore at Christmas?

File photo from John Sciulli/Gettyimages.com