Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson photographed holding hands leaving a restaurant last night after a gig. Five minutes later Lilo was probably thrashing against the car window, set off by some kind of imaginary drama. As I’ve already told you, this is what it’s like with her. Life is one long series of meltdowns followed by short periods of lucidity leading to more attention seeking histrionics.

Here’s the latest re: Lilo’s pathetic attempts at reviving her pathetic career…

Word is she’s trying desperately to go through Sean Penn for an introduction to Dustin Lance Black. She wants a meeting. Something about asking him to write a movie for her. Something about believing that once he gets to know her, and her story, he’ll be inspired.


Sit your crank ass DOWN!

This the problem with child stars and their parents. They’re all raised to believe they’re “extraordinary”. More extraordinary than anyone else. And so they live their lives imbued with an artificial sense of specialness, reinforced constantly by the guardians living vicariously through them.

I wanted to be a ballerina. My mother told me my legs were too stumpy, thanks to the poor genetic contribution from my father’s side of the family, and I was too much of a klutz. Everyone that’s “wrong” with me, by the way, comes from dad. Anyway, the point is my mother never was never interested in giving me an ego. Or entertaining silly dreams that would never come true. It’s a waste of time and ultimately a total disservice to your child.

But these parent pimps, they don’t provide these kinds of reality checks.

And this is why Lindsay Lohan still believes she can carry a film.

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