These two are hot together. Hot like Callie and Dr Hawn – a major reason why I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy again. Lesbian is the new Louboutin… right?

Am told the Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson relationship is as volatile as they come. According to a source who observed them a few days ago in Cannes, Lindsay seems as though “she simply cannot exist with Samantha”. When she’s dancing she’s making sure Samantha is watching, when she’s flirting, she’s doing it to make Samantha jealous, when Samantha comes to join her, it’s like she can breathe again…and why not? There is something about Samantha Ronson, non?

Apparently, watching the two of them together, it’s the sexiest thing ever. That SR ring that Lilo wears around is pretty f&cking adorable too, although rumour has it, the folks at the Hotel du Cap don’t find it adorable at all. She supposedly leaves her sh*t lying around, disturbs other guests with her screaming and dramatics, smokes down the hallways and leaves ashes everywhere.

Good manners are dead.

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