If you watched the Lindsay Lohan court proceedings this morning you understand this - why Mark Heller, her lawyer now, might be your, our new favourite person.

Yes. Because of the (maybe fake?) Louis Vuitton briefcase.

Yes. Because of the time he tried to bro-down with the judge like they were homies in New York before she told him “Flattery won’t get you anywhere in this court”.

Yes. Because his bumbling and fumbling was even too embarrassing for Lindsay Lohan who, at one point, muttered “stop” under her breath when he wouldn’t.

Yes. Because the judge was annoyed and yelled at one of his random buddies who just came along for the ride, sitting behind him nodding for no reason.

Yes. Because he looks like he earned his degree from a send-away kit.

Yes. Because afterwards in a post-hearing press conference, ON HIS OWN, he essentially told assembled media that he looked forward to working with them in their great city.

Someone emailed me earlier and asked, hilariously, if this dude was Dina Lohan’s new boyfriend. You know...it’s possible.