Since someone gave her a new acting job – a job that should have actually belonged to Katie Holmes – Lilo has been rather low key. Translation: she’s been ordered to lock down her sh-t, stop f-cking around so much for the paps to ensure that they don’t take the role away from her. Which is why we haven’t been seeing her every day.

But... she tweets.

And thanks to C, I’ve been able to have a look at her Twitter.

Most of it is inane inside crack rambling but there are a few gems. She’s still all over Samantha Ronson, and Lily Allen, and Solange Knowles (?), and she loves Eminem’s music, but here are my two favourite bits.

At one point, Lilo links to the Balmain website, likely salivating about this jacket, and moans “why must it be just over 15000 euros?? I would sleep in it-like when ur little & wear ur favorite dress everyday!”


Because not too long ago, Lilo could afford 15000 euros. And because if Gwyneth wanted it, she’d get it for free. Heh.


On May 15th, she linked to the Nine website and tweeted that: this is a movie that i actually was close to being in.. i look too young :(

Um, yeah, sit DOWN Dirty Face.

Young in what mirror?

And really? In a cast with Dench, Loren, Kidman, Cruz, Cotillard, and the impossible DDL, Lindsay Lohan was close? How f-cking close? As close as I am to marrying James Franco?


Anyway, here’s Lilo leaving a probation centre the other day – are those acid wash? And also at Sam’s yesterday. Trying to keep her nose clean...

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