Am sorry to say but Lindsay Lohan is officially ugly. And this isn’t calling someone ugly first thing on a Sunday, or when they’re wearing their glasses walking the dog with eye snot in the morning.

This is Lindsay Lohan in a very cute outfit yesterday, shopping at Bristol Farms. She KNEW she was going to get photographed. As such, she went to the trouble putting on a new dress, of soiling her face with the wrong shade of bronzer, and making up her dirty face so she’d be ready for the “candids’.

And after all that effort, THIS is what we’re left with.

A face so filthy it looks bruised, more lines on her neck than Demi Moore, and tell tale bloating on her chin and the corners of her jaw – Lilo’s been hitting the party circuit hard since Friday. And it shows.

Apparently she and Ebola Paris Hilton had a stand off the other day, telling each other through their friends to beat it. Seriously, these two need to settle it the old fashioned way with a dance-off.

But while Lilo is busy relapsing, Dina Lohan her shameless mother is nowhere to be found. Because now that she’s successfully destroyed one child’s life, it’s time to make sure to ruin the other two as well.

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