Speaking of entitled losers...

Hilarious item appeared on TMZ yesterday. Something about Lindsay Lohan getting closer to signing onto to the Elizabeth Taylor movie...on Lifetime. Click here for my thoughts on that if you missed it. And also, TMZ has been told that “Lindsay is actually getting more scripts than she's received in years -- apparently producers have noticed she's finally showing some maturity.”
The source is obvious.

But let’s go there for a minute, shall we? Take a look at Lohan at one of the Globe afterparties on Sunday night. She only got in through Kim Kardashian which... I kind of think is amazing. Anyway, her face.


You really expect me to believe that she’s getting offered lead parts? With a face like that? Movie executives make f-cked up decisions all the time. But I promise you they’re not so crazy that they would think someone with a face like Lindsay Lohan could carry a (non-porn, actual) movie.

So what are the roles she’s getting?

Opportunistic Waitress
Drunk Girl In The Bathroom
Single Mother Hitchhiking
Girlfriend Of Mobster At The Casino

You ever read the closing credits at the end of a movie. Or Phoebe Price’s IMDB page? Perfect for Lindsay Lohan.