To promote her upcoming "serious" movie A Prairie Home Companion, costarring Meryl Streep. Does she look thinner than she has in a few months? Absolutely. She was just hospitalised for a bout of asthma a few weeks ago, don"t you remember??? I do love her dress though. And even more than that, I love, love, love her hair. Just over a year ago, I had hair this long. Then, like a frickin" moron, I made the crucial error of cutting it and I have been trying ever since to get it back to what it once was. As long as Lindsay"s but definitely not as thick. Silly me. Six months ago I totally would have thought that this was all her own. Nowadays, I"m inclined to believe there are some extensions weaved in to boost the body. Which means that I totally want extensions now. A perm and extensions. So ghetto. So fabulous. I am so doing it.